Matty K Travel Group

Matthew  Kondrup   -  CTA  

formed  the  Matty  K  Travel  Group  which  is  comprised  of  his  full  service   travel agency,  Castle  Vacations,  a  Disney  Inspired  Agency  and  MK  Destination  Weddings  which  focuses  on  Destination  Weddings,  Vow  Renewals,  and  more. All 3 of his agencies have Travel Advisors and staff  who have training and the specialty to meet any of your travel needs.

Why use a Travel Agency?

We  can  buy  just  about  anything  online  these days  and  many  times  it‘s  due  to  convenience.  Heck  we  can  buy  life  insurance,  car  insurance  or  even  a  home  online.  But  But  But.  When  you  want  it  done  right,  you  use  a  Realtor,  Insurance  Advisor  or Life  Insurance  Advisor.  Same  holds  true  for  travel.  We  can  meet  or  beat  just  about  any  price  online,  and  we  know  the  ins  and  outs of  the  destinations. Let a Travel Advisor from your local Travel Agency add value to your next trip.

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